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The Power of Positive Drinking

book | Non-Fiction | 2013
UK & Comm → Square Peg (Ed. Rosemary Davidson)
Drinking has a bad reputation in some quarters, but that’s largely because we don’t drink properly, because we have not yet been initiated in the art of drinking well. Most of us know plenty about healthy eating, but next to nothing about healthy drinking.

This is Cleo Rocos’ master class on how to imbibe successfully, on how to reach that delicious level of intoxication where you and your fellow drinkers blossom into the favourite version of yourselves. From Rocos we learn how to ensure that every drinking occasion snowballs into a glorious and triumphant event.

Inside these pages lie the secrets of alcohol. The finest hints and tips on stylish drinking gleaned from seasoned and successful drinkers around the globe; failsafe recipes for some of the world’s greatest snifters along with a few of Cleo’s own specialities, tailored to guarantee a quality night on the tiles. It all comes down to Positive Drinking, and here Rocos spills the beans on how to get up to no good in the best possible way...

Enjoy this book responsibly.
The Power of Positive Drinking
The Power of Positive Drinking
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