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book | Fiction | 2012
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 Zom-B is the brand new, 12 book, gruesome and terrifying Young Adult fiction series set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. It is survival of the fittest, the creepiest and the pure evil; between the dead, the un-dead and the barely living...

At first no one believes the images on Youtube are real: zombies devastating Ireland, leaving villages in ruins and mutilated corpses in their wake. Teenager “B Smith” is far more concerned with surviving high school and a volatile home life than an invasion of hungry zombies. But as the carnage spreads across the UK, B must face a horrifying prospect. While a lucky few may outrun the zombies, many will fall … and some will be forced to join the army of the undead…


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It's a clever mix of horror, fantasy and realism - about the damaging 'virus' of racial hatred and social paranoia. And it's full of terrifying cannibalistic crazies. Martin Chilton
The Telegraph

Zom-B is a deliciously gruesome start to a new series that is quick to get through and entertaining until the end... There are some twists that made my jaw drop (literally).
Oodles of Books

Once again, Shan has hit a home run and proved that he truly is the master of YA horror. I had exceedingly high hopes for Zom-B and I’m pleased to say that Shan completely outdid himself with this one.
Writing From The Tub

Overall, this is a fantastic book. It's action packed and awesome, although there aren't as many zombies as I would have hoped. But the ending was AMAZING.
Books Of Amber

I was BLOWN AWAY by this novel. I read it as a non-horror fan, and I was determined to give it a fair and balanced review regardless of my dislike of the genre, only to find myself raving and flailing about this book to anyone who would stand still long enough.
BooKa Uhu

Shan packs in the bites, and he rips out enough entrails for even the most jaded zombie fan; the cliffhanger ending, now expected by his fans, closes on just the right note to leave the audience gnawing for more. A series opener to sink your teeth into.

It’s taken Cirque Du Freak author Darren Shan quite a while to hop on the zombie bandwagon, but now that he has he’s whipped the horses pulling it along into a furious gallop, carrying a standard as he goes. Dealing in some decidedly edgy material, Zom-B is a book that’ll make young readers think as well as making them gag.

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