Darren Shan

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Zom-B Gladiator

book | Fiction | 2014
UK → Simon & Schuster

The sixth book in the series.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, B Smith has decided to live -- and to fight for good as long as possible. However, London is overridden with the brain-eating undead and swarming with human mercenaries whose sense of right and wrong dissolved when society did. When they lay a trap, B is captured. And it'll take dozens of battles -- and the fight of a lifetime -- to escape. Filled with gripping, bloody action sequences, the sixth book in Darren Shan's horrifying Zom-B series promises the fright -- and the fight -- of your life.


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Zom-B Gladiator

Both as a publishing experiment and as a genuinely unsettling, long-form drama, this is working. Daniel Kraus
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