Deborah Cadbury

Non-fiction writer and television producer
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Deborah Cadbury is the highly acclaimed, bestselling author of a number of books, many of which have been translated internationally, including in-depth explorations of the Industrial Revolution and its legacy, the French royal family following the French Revolution and astonishing stories of scientific rivalry across the centuries.

She is also an Emmy award-winning television producer, who has worked for many years for the BBC. She lives in London.

A thrilling account of the fallout after Prince Edward, heir to the throne, abdicated to marry his American lover—as his brother, Prince Albert, became King George VI and attempted to save Europe from Nazi Germany…. Cadbury artfully captures the exhilaration of Operation Dynamo at Dunkirk…the devastation of the London blitz, and the suspenseful planning and execution of the Normandy invasion. Her nuanced exploration of the king’s reticent temperament and the psychic toll taken by his many troubles creates a fuller picture of the man, who was destined to lead during a “spectacular downfall” in British power.

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Impeccably researched, and written with all the brio and understanding of a major historical novel, Princes at War takes us intimately and even shockingly into the human dynamics of a barely functional family at the time of our greatest peril.

David Kynaston
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