Deborah Kay Davies

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Tirzah & the Prince of Crows

book | 2018
UK & Comm → Oneword

A remote valley in Wales.

Tirzah is 16, pretty, witty and wise, a girl who simply wants to be her own person but finds her body and soul more and more a battleground for others.

Who will win possession of Tirzah? Osian, her childhood sweetheart from chapel? Derry, the worldly lodger? Brân, the feral boy who thinks he’s king of the forest?

Will it be the chapel faction who think she is bad just because she is young and beautiful? Will she respond to the dark heart of the woods, or the numinous beckoning of the mountains?


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'This is a beautiful, quiet book about a young girl who is struggling to decide what she believes and who she wants to be... more than a coming of age story; it is also a gentle and lyrical love story to the Welsh countryside and the people who live in it.

The Book Bag

Davies is equally skilled at building her characters and her world, each lovingly and convincingly crafted … It’s a heart-breaking story about the struggle between conformity and independence.

Moray Teale

Set in the stifling atmosphere of a small Welsh religious community in the 70s, this coming-of-age tale of a teenage girl caught between confinement and an alluring freedom is familiar territory. What’s different about Deborah Kay Davies’s story, though, is her use of the imagery and language of Welsh myth. It makes for a profound sense of place.

The Guardian

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