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Final Demand

book | Fiction | 2002
UK & Comm → Vintage
US → Overlook Press
Natalie is a girl who should be going somewhere. Beautiful, bright and ambitious, she's stuck in a dead end job in the accounts department of Nu Line Telecommunications. Living her life through wild weekends, yearning for something more. When she sees a chance to change her life, she takes it. After all, its' only a minor crime. Nobody will be hurt, will they? But Colin gets hurt. He's the man who Natalie marries. And other people's lives are changed terribly and irrevocably. Because Natalie's actions do have consequences - tragic consequences.

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Thank God for Deborah Moggach. Final Demand is strong on narrative, dashing the reader along but, though fast-paced and transparently written, nevertheless creates people of memorable complexity.


Going inside the mind of a pretty, freckled villain who commits a seemingly victimless crime creates  page-turner with just enough moral ambiguity to ensure an unexpected ending.

Kirkus Reviews

An astonishing story of broken dreams, greed, and human frailty... A tale of extraordinary power. Quite simply outstanding.

Daily Mail

Final Demand neatly captures the soulless sign of the times.

Jerry Brotton

Powerful... Vividly evoked.

Sunday Times

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