Deirdre Kinahan is an award-winning playwright. She is an elected member of Aosdána, Ireland’s elected organisation of outstanding artists and Literary Associate with Meath County Council Arts Office. Deirdre collaborates with artists and theatres all over the world and has a large canon of regularly produced plays to her credit. She is published by Nick Hern Books.

Best Known Plays include: The Unmanageable Sisters, Rathmines Road, Moment, Halcyon Days, Bogboy, Hue & Cry, Melody, Spinning and her Irish Revolutionary History Trilogy Wild Sky, Embargo and Outrage.

Deirdre works regularly with the Abbey Theatre, Landmark Productions and Fishamble Theatre Company in Dublin but collaborates regularly with theatres in the UK (Bush, Old Vic, Pentabus, Royal Court), Europe (Stat Theatre Mainz, Ateneum Warsaw) and America (Irish Arts Centre, Solas Nua, Manhattan Theatre Club, Steep Theatre, Irish Theatre Chicago).

Recent works include The Saviour for Landmark Productions, In the Middle of the Fields for Solas Nua Washington DC, The Visit for Dublin Theatre Festival, Bloody Yesterday for Glassmask Theatre.

Deirdre has new theatre projects in development with the Abbey Theatre and Landmark Productions and a new opera with Sofft productions. She also has years of experience as a producer and enjoys curating artistic projects and working in documentary, music and short film making.

'I love Deirdre Kinahan’s writing. She has spent her career charting the contemporary female heart.'

on The Visit

‘two gripping, emotionally raw performances … fluidly filmed production’

The Guardian
on The Saviour

‘This riveting play … explodes expectations’ ★★★★

Sunday Times
on The Saviour

The warp of Kinahan's episodic script realistically depicts the inner life and outer journey of a breast cancer survivor

Broadway World
on In The Middle Of The Field

"unashamedly humanistic - 4****"

The Irish Times
on Embargo

 The Irish playwright Deirdre Kinahan is almost unknown in this country. In her homeland and Great Britain, Kinahan, born in Dublin in 1968, has been awarded numerous prizes for her extensive stage work. With the German-language premiere of the play "The Incident", which was created in 2018, the Staatstheater Mainz now shows that an author can be discovered here who treats explosive contemporary topics in an entertaining and gripping way.

Frankfurter Allgemeine
on Rathmines Road

"Deirdre Kinahan has a keen contemporary sensibility and it shines through this period piece"

on Embargo




Producer Fishamble
Director Jim Culleton

Following the story of two sisters, Outrage is a play that explores the true nature of women’s role in the Irish revolutionary wars and in particular the Civil War in 1922

Director Veronica Coburn
  • Mary O’Driscoll
  • A funny, heart-warming, touching new play that explores a hidden social reality we are only beginning to understand.

    Draiocht Blanchardstown

    Explores the topic of breast cancer survival. 

    Brought together 14 writers, 14 directors, and 14 actors to give voice to the men, woman, and children who were killed in Croke Park on 21 November 1920. Performed 100 years on in November 2020. 

    Abbey Theatre

    As part of Dublin Theatre Festival 2020

    A muddy, complicated, poetic, bloody, and heroic tale of a politically motivated industrial action, in which three characters deal with a pivotal moment during the Irish War of Independence.

    Dublin Theatre Festival

    Fifty writers from Ireland, with unique additional contributions from the USA, China and Italy, were commissioned to each write a monologue to be performed by fifty actors and to be streamed across four nights on the theatre's YouTube channel.

    Abbey Theatre
    Director Graham McLaren

    A new version of Michel Temblay's Les Belles Soeurs at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin.

    Abbey Theatre
  • Julie Walters
  • Part of the Old Vic's One Voice series of monologues. 

    Old Vic
    Director Jim Culleton

    A victim comes face to face with their perpetrator 20 years after the crime.  A play about justice and rehabilitation.

    Fishamble, Abbey Theatre, Dublin Theatre Festival

    A new play commemorating the end of World War I

    Pentabus, UK Tour

    A new children's play with music where a forgotten imaginary friend is trying to find his way home to the lost kingdom of Yugoslavia.

    Meath County Council, Tour
    Wild Notes
    Nominated for Outstanding New Play – Helen Hayes Awards Washington DC

    A new play inspired by Frederick Douglas, famous American Abolitionist who visited Ireland in 1846.

    Solas Nua, Washington DC.

    New commission.

    Manhattan Theatre Company
    Producer Clemmie Forfar
    Director Alex Ferris

    Community project with the Old Vic.

    Old Vic
    Director Jo Mangan
  • Catriona Ennis
  • A rich powerful new play by Deirdre Kinahan exploring the extraordinary energy and complexity of events in Ireland in the lead up to Easter 1916.

    Bewleys Theatre, Dublin
    Director Jim Culleton
  • Caitriona Ennis
  • Fiona Bell
  • Janet Moran
  • ​Karl Shiels
  • A contemporary tragedy set in a small town.

    Fishamble Theatre, Smock Alley Theatre
    Director Richard Twyman
  • Paul Chahidi
  • Nadia Clifford
  • Mariah Gale
  • Robert Lonsdale
  • Short play about the effect of the economic downturn in Ireland, part of the Open Court season
    Royal Court Theatre
    Halcyon Days
    Winner: Fringe First, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
    Director David Horan
  • Stephen Brennan
  • Anita Reeves
  • A celebration of the human spirit and our quest for meaning in even the most seemingly hopeless circumstance

    Smock Alley Theatre Dublin, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013
    Producer Marketa Dowling
    Director Jim Culleton
  • Steve Blount
  • Peter Daly
  • Robert Donnelly
  • Mary Murray
  • Part of Tiny Plays For Ireland, building a picture of Ireland at the crossroads through a series of three minute plays
    Project Arts Centre, Dublin
    Director Jonathan Berry
  • James Allen
  • Maggie Cain
  • Cynthia Marker
  • Josh Odor
  • American premiere of Deirdre's incisive look at one family torn apart by a dark secret
    Steep Theatre, Chicago
    The Transgressor was created as part of the epic performance cycle commissioned to celebrate the opening of the Bush's new theatre
    The Bush Theatre, London
    Winner Irish Festival New York: Best Production
    Producer Tall Tales Theatre Company
    Director Jo Mangan
  • Steve Blount
  • Noelle Brown
  • Sorcha Fox
  • Emmet Kirwan
  • An unusual friendship develops between two people trying to forget the past
    Project Arts Centre, Dublin. Irish Arts Centre, New York
    Director David Horan
  • Deirdre Donnelly
  • Maeve Fitzgerald
  • Alan King
  • Ronan Leahy
  • When the prodigal son returns both he and the rest of his family struggle with why he left and why they wish he'd never come back
    Project Arts Centre, Dublin. The Bush Theatre, London
    Director Tamara Harvey
  • Francesca Annis
  • Debbie Chazen
  • Richard Cordery
  • Hugh Skinner
  • Short play as part of the celebrations of the Bush Theatre's new building
    The Bush Theatre
    Director David Horan
    Two cousins are reunited after a family funeral
    Bewley's Cafe Theatre, Oran Mor, Irish Rep, New York
    Play for children
    Irish Tour
    Director Alan King
  • Georgina McKevitt
  • Bewley's Cafe Theatre
    When Mr Kane and Kathleen meet eating lunch on a park bench, they end up sharing more than just their sandwiches: together, they learn to count their blessings and face the challenges of love
    Diversions Theatre, Dublin
    Director Padraic McIntyre

    Play for children. An adaptation of a Russian Fairytale which tells how an old couple befriend a snowchild who comes to life. 

    Ramor Theatre, Cavan
    Writer Alice Barry

    Co-written with Alice Barry

    Dublin Theatre Festival
    Director Padraic McIntyre

    Play for children. Adaptation of an Enid Blyton story which tells of the goings on in the toy room of Mary Spratt.

    Ramor Theatre, Cavan
    Director Gerry Morgan
  • Evan Holton
  • Roisin Kearney
  • Victoria Monkhouse
  • Maureen Collende
  • Eithne McGuinness
  • Five women explore their lives as prostitutes on the streets of Dublin
    Andrews Lane Theatre, Dublin
    Producer Landmark Productions
    Director Louise Lowe
  • Marie Mullen
  • Brian Gleeson
  • The Saviour charts an extraordinary shift in Ireland’s social, political and religious life, asking questions about responsibility, how we respond to trauma and the tricky question of forgiveness.

    Edinburgh Festival Fringe



    Radio 4 debut about a Dublin secretary and mother who finds the body of a young woman dumped on her doorstep.

    Broadcaster BBC Radio 4
    1 x 60'

    Broadcaster RTE



    Co-commission with Ian Fitzgibbon

    Irish Film Board
    In development
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