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If They Could See Me Now

book | Fiction | 2016
UK & Comm → Little, Brown Book Group (UK) (Ed. Maddie West)

They all think her life is perfect,

Harper is a beautiful woman, pampered by her attractive, wealthy husband, living in a gorgeous home. From the outside, everything looks wonderful.

But they don't see what happens behind closed doors.

Harper is fifty-three. Her perfect husband is a bully, who criticises her looks, her housekeeping and her parenting. Then a nasty anonymous letter makes her question everything she knows about her family.

Harper has never had to strike out on her own. But she doesn't recognise the downtrodden woman looking back at her in the mirror.

Can Harper Clarke find the strength to start her life all over again?


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Denise writes with great warmth and wisdom.

Marian Keyes

I loved it. A really cracking read.

Martina Cole

Absolutely loved it. Thought-provoking and moving; an unflinching look at bullying inside a marriage.

Susan Lewis

A strong debut... Makes for a mighty enjoyable read.


A Cheshire Valley of the Dolls... Fascinating.

Jonathan Harvey

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