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The Scenic Route

book | Fiction | 2014
US → New American Library
When Austin Gittleman first met Naomi Bloom, they were grammar school classmates and she pasted pictures of him in her Barbie Dreamhouse. Those days are long gone.

Austin is a Midwestern doctor who always tries to do the right thing—even if it often turns out wrong. Naomi is a Miami pastry chef with a taste for adventure. They seem to have nothing in common. But that doesn’t stop Austin from falling head over heels when they reconnect at a mutual friend’s seaside wedding.

Only, falling hard doesn’t guarantee happily ever after, or even a second date. Tropical storms and mechanical malfunctions contribute to a series of miscommunications and missed connections that lead Austin and Naomi away from each other and back again.

In The Scenic Route, life is what happens on the way to where you’re going. It’s unpredictable and inconvenient, but it can be pretty wonderful when you bring the right person along for the ride.

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The Scenic Route

[A] light and witty tale...sure to find an audience among women seeking reassurance that men also carry emotional baggage about weddings and marriage.

Publisher's Weekly

A poignant and funny appeal to all singles to let go and give love a try. The clever and snappy prose will appeal to readers who look forward to each new title from Jonathan Tropper....Smart and thoroughly enjoyable.

Library Journal

Sipher's second novel is a clever, insightful work that combines a quirky, optimistic narrative with the real-world bumps and ruts of life and love.

RT Book Reviews
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