Dougie Poynter is a musician, songwriter, designer and author. Dougie has been obsessed with natural history and dinosaurs from the age of three when he visited the Natural History Museum with his mum. He is passionate about the natural world and a keen conservationist, working with charities such as WWF, Greenpeace and Five Gyres. He is committed to cleaning up the planet and was instrumental in the campaign to ban microplastics in the UK.

Dougie has been the bass player of the band, Mcfly since 2003 and with bandmate Tom Fletcher, is behind the bestselling picture book series, The Dinosaur that Pooped, illustrated by Garry Parsons, which has sold more than 1 million copies. He was a member of the super-group, McBusted and the 2011 winner of the jungle set show, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

  • Signing session in Kingston next week!

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This book is for everybody but I’m particularly aiming it at kids because I strongly believe that the global problems that we have aren’t going to be solved by the people at the top, i.e the boring adults.

I... want to show the optimistic side, that we can change and we can save the world.