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A Mother's Son

Creator Chris Lang Producer Colin Wratten Writer Chris Lang Starring
  • Hermione Norris
  • Martin Clunes
  • Charles Daish
    Production Company ITV Studios
    Broadcaster ITV 1
    When Rosie (Hermione Norris) finds incriminating evidence under her son’s bed she torn between her maternal bond and her conscience. Enlisting the help of ex-husband David (Paul McGann), the pair embark on a mission to discover the truth.
    Matters are made worse when Rosie’s attentions turn to her stepson, who has begun to behave strangely since the horrific incident.
    Can a family not bound by blood survive when placed under enormous strain?
    A Mother's Son

    "very good – tense, absorbing, thrilling...With lots of great performances" Sam Wollaston
    The Guardian

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