Ed Bazalgette

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The Guilty

Producer Elaine Cameron Writer Debbie O'Malley Starring
  • Tamsin Grieg
    Production Company Hartswood
    Broadcaster ITV 1
    The Guilty

    ‘In The Guilty, the past and present..seem to exist simultaneously. Director Ed Bazalgette achieves unusual smoothness in the shifts between now and then. .. The Guilty impressively manages to leave some new fingerprints on a much-handled form.’

    The Guardian

    'But did we need another murdered-child drama? Well, yes, because it threatens to be rather good...The Guilty was a guilty pleasure indeed.'

    The Obsever

    'In the opening minutes of The Guilty there was a moment of scene-setting so clever that I wanted to stand up and applaud. [This] three-part series, has the potential to be another first-class ITV crime drama.'

    The Daily Mail

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