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about to cause a scene, text u later

book | Non-Fiction | Sep 2021

How many millennials are living the life they thought they would? With the person they always thought they’d be with?

Eilidh Dorgan found herself unexpectedly, terrifyingly, liberatingly single at 30 – and in the company of so many of us blindly trying to figure out the weird world of modern dating in the aftermath of long relationships.

about to cause a scene, text u later 
does not profess to be a self-help book. Eilidh would recommend very few of the things she’s done, but in putting her experiences to paper in this book of essays, she aims to analyse how so many of us ended up here, why, and what the hell we are going to do next. Divided into three sections, the book will cover the trajectory from those early rookie mistakes and insecurities, to commitment and disharmony within the First Big Relationship, and then what happens afterwards as we look for love in this new world of dating technology.

A maxim that crops up with alarming frequency on dating apps is the desire to find ‘someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.’ This book will urge readers to strive for the polar opposite. Giving space to our anxieties, delighting in our flaws, figuring it all out. In the unapologetic vein of Emma Jane Unsworth and Samantha Irby, about to cause a scene, text u later  is a hilarious, raw, rallying cry for us all to choose ourselves.


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