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Ivy and Abe

book | Fiction | Feb 2018
UK & Comm → Penguin (Ed. Jillian Taylor)

'For anyone who's ever wondered if things might have turned out differently . . . ' Alison Mercer

Two people.

One love story.

A million possibilities.


They're soulmates.

Ivy and Abe were inseparable as children until an accident tore them apart. Several decades later, when both are in their seventies, a chance encounter reunites them. But time is not on their side.

What if they'd met in a different time and place?

In another life, Ivy and Abe meet in their forties, when both are married already. Unable to resist the attraction between them, they embark on a passionate affair.

In yet another, they marry young, with a bright future ahead of them - only for a dark shadow to threaten their happiness.

Throughout various incarnations of their lives, they come together and go their separate ways, fall in and out of love, make or break promises.

In every universe, Ivy and Abe are meant to meet. But are they meant to be?


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A moving and thought-provoking novel in the tradition of Sliding Doors and The Versions of Us. One for anyone who's ever wondered if things might have turned out differently

Alison Mercer

Beautiful, uplifting and wise. I surfaced from the last page, feeling as comforted as I was moved

Alison Macleod author of Unexploded

A beautiful story that explores what it is to have a soul mate. It made me cry a lot - in a good way! - but it also made me think, as all the best books do

Veronica Henry author of A Night on The Orient Express

An epic love story

Araminta Hall author of Everything and Nothing

Ivy and Abe are impossible to forget even after you've closed the book. Beautiful and wonderfully observed

Kate Harrison

Perfectly pitched, thought-provoking and nuanced

Sarah Rayner, author of 'Making Friends'

Full of insight into the human experience

Dr. Suzanne O'Sullivan author of It's All in Your Head

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