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Beneath the Surface

book | Fiction | Jul 2019
UK → Michael Joseph (Ed. Maxine Hitchcock)

Everyone is talking about Grace’s family. 

Once it was for all the right reasons – now it’s for all the wrong ones.

Grace wants the world for her daughters. Mia is special, if
a little difficult, and Lilly is everyone’s golden girl, with a bright future ahead of her.

Then Lilly collapses suddenly in class, and Grace’s world
is turned upside down.

Lilly was the daughter she didn’t have to worry about, yet
now Grace is faced with the shocking possibility that she had a hidden life.

All anyone can talk about is the incident, and dark rumours grip their tight-knit community.

 All Grace can think about is untangling Lilly’s secrets to discover who her daughter really is. Which is when she takes her eyes off Mia.

Because beneath the surface of this happy family, fault
lines are starting to show . . .


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