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GROW: Motherhood, mental health & me

book | Non-Fiction | Aug 2021
World → Octopus Publishing Group (Ed. Romilly Morgan)

In GROW, Sunday Times bestselling author Frankie Bridge opens up about her journey with her maternal mental health. Part narrative exploration, part first aid manual for mothers this book will discuss the hidden growing pains which take place when you become a parent.

Its chapters cover the HOW TOs, WHAT IFs?, WILL Is? and WHY DOs? anxious questions all mothers ask themselves when they believe they are doing it wrong whilst also offering a brutally honest account of how hard it can be to grow a baby and raise a child whilst you are still growing into yourself.

The book will combine Frankie's mental health journey into motherhood with the notes of her psychiatrist, Dr Mike McPhillips, and psychologist, Maleha Khan, who will unpack the problems she experienced as she became a mother. The book will also include additional guidance and parental advice from the UK's leading paediatrician Dr Ed Abrahamson,

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