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Sherman Cymru
Broken. Because - the world is. Amgen. Achos mae 'na ffordd arall. I know I'm broken. And no offence but - you're not looking so good yourself these days. Achos mae 'na ffordd gwahanol. Are you drinking again? I don't mean drinking at all, I mean - drinking in the day. Ffordd gwell. Because if you're not, start now. That's only way to get through what's coming. Ffordd newydd, Cymraeg, o fyw. You see it everyday - things are changing, and never for the better. Dere lan am drink. Oes, mae cariad 'da fi. Na, dyw hi ddim yn mynd i ffeindio mâs. . . It's the end of the world as we know it - and it's gonna hurt.
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