Gary Owen

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Love Steals Us from Loneliness

Director John E McGrath Starring
  • Remy Beasley
  • Nia Roberts
  • Katie Elin Salt
  • Mark Sumner
    National Theatre of Wales

    To be produced in The National Theatre of Wales's inaugural year. A play about teenagers growing up in Gary's home town of Bridgend.

     A night out. Friends, alcohol, a shit club, a strop – the usual. But tonight is different. Tonight will change things forever.

    “Normal’s gone now. Wave it goodbye. Come on, wave with me. Let’s all wave goodbye to normal.”

    Love Steals Us from Loneliness

    a coarsely funny and subtly affecting portrait of young love **** Dominic Cavendish
    The Telegraph

    this big hearted, beautifully written play that's an affectionate tribute to the joy and pain of teenage years **** Elisabeth Mahoney
    The Guardian

    Gritty, shocking, relevant and clever, this is another great effort from NTW and proves why Owen is now one of the country's most sought after writers Karen Price
    Western Mail

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