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Cairo Jim at the Crossroads of Orpheus

book | 2006

All’s smell that ends smell!

In the dusty ruins of the ancient House of the Perfumer at Pompeii, astonishing discoveries are taking place! Perfumed, long forgotten, are being reinvented and given new life. But when one of these whiffs of wonderment—believed to have legendary hypnotic powers—goes missing, it is up to that well-known archaeologist and little-known poet, Cairo Jim, and his friends to try to stop a rush of evil so gargantuan that the world could be plunged into a chasm of eternal terror.

Another subtle onslaught of whimsy and historical strangeness from that inky, tireless chronicler, Geoffrey McSkimming.


Roxane Edouard manages the translation rights for Cairo Jim at the Crossroads of Orpheus

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