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The Waiting Time

book | Fiction | 1998
World → Bantam Books
On a winter’s night at the height of the cold war, in a small town on the Baltic coast of East Germany, a young man is dragged from the sea and killed by the regime’s secret police. The witnesses are terrorized into silence. But a British woman is present and hears the shot which ends her lover’s life. A decade later, times have changed, the Wall dividing two great ideologies has crumbled and old enemies have become new friends. An ex-captain in the Stasi’s counter espionage section, Dieter Krause is a fêted guest at the headquarters of British military intelligence. He is a prized asset, able to give a detailed profile of a rising star in the Russian Ministry of Defence. He is confident that the skeletons in his past are hidden, until... Corporal Tracy Barnes, a clerk, attacks him in the officers’ mess.

For her, the waiting time is over. She was there at the scene of the young man’s murder ten years before. She knows Krause is responsible. But she can’t prove it - she needs the witnesses to talk. To make them do so, she must follow Krause to Germany, determined to see a long-delayed victory for justice. But defeat may mean a place on the mortuary slab.

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The Waiting Time
The Waiting Time
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