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How to Disappear

book | Fiction | Jun 2020
UK & Comm → Penguin (Ed. Maxine Hitchcock)

Lauren's daughter Zara witnessed a terrible crime. But speaking up comes with a price, and when Zara's identity is revealed online, it puts a target on her back.

The only choice is to disappear.

To keep Zara safe Lauren will give up everything and everyone she loves, even her husband.

There will be no goodbyes. Their pasts will be rewritten. New names, new home, new lives.

The rules are strict for a reason. They are being hunted. One mistake - a text, an Instagram like - could bring their old lives crashing into the new.

They can never assume someone isn't watching, waiting.

As Lauren will learn, disappearing is easy. Staying hidden is harder...


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Totally addictive: clever, convincing and ingeniously plotted with twists that repeatedly pulled the rug from under my feet. But more than that, How to Disappear is peopled with characters so real and relatable you feel you could reach out and touch them. Any crime writer can keep you turning the pages – but few can make you care this much.

Erin Kelly
author of He Said/She Said

I raced through How To Disappear. So tense and so brilliant — her best book yet. And that ending!

Jill Mansell
author of Maybe This Time

A totally gripping and heart wrenching story that leaves you breathless. Her best book yet and that’s saying something.

Jane Fallon
author of Queen Bee

A compulsive read with a jaw-dropped twist, I read it in a day.

Rosamund Lupton

Tense and unpredictable. I couldn't put it down.

Claire Douglas

An intricate and spellbinding exploration of the devastating ripples that spread from a terrible crime.

Holly Seddon

I read How to Disappear with my heard in my mouth.

Lia Louis

How to Disappear is a relentless drumroll of suspense, a knife-edge novel in which -- at any moment, with any word, in the spaces between words -- the characters can drop into danger as though falling through a trapdoor. They aren't safe even for an instant ... and neither is the reader who cares about them (and who couldn't?). Gillian McAllister's rattling, deeply satisfying book ranks among the best psychological-suspense thrillers of recent years, but you'll be reminded too of Jodi Picoult, Liane Moriarty, Celeste Ng's Little Fires Everywhere. Bloody hell, this is a good one.

A.J. Finn

Tense, twisty and perfectly paced, How To Disappear is a compelling portrait of a family under unbearable pressure - where one false step invites disaster into all their lives.

T. M. Logan

When Lauren’s daughter, Zara, tells an innocent lie in court, the pair have to go into witness protection, leaving behind their entire lives, including close friends and family. It’s an unthinkable scenario that will have you asking “What would I do?” Especially as more lies start to unravel…


Another brilliant psychological thriller from Gillian McAllister


This intricately plotted drama is a masterclass in taut, twisty but beautiful writing. 

Fabulous Mag

This book explores just how brutal witness protection can be, and the choices people involved must make.

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