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Under the Moon and Over the Sea

book | Feb 2002
UK & Comm → Walker Books

Companion to the acclaimed volume A Caribbean Dozen, this is a major new anthology of poetry by over 30 Caribbean poets. Sparking crystal waters and coral beaches; velvet smooth dolphins and flying fish; the call of the six o'clock bee and the pung-la-la chorus of frogs; the flavour of coconut water, pawpaw and Johnnie Bake; whispered ghost stories about Duppy Dan and the Jumbie Man... Divided into five sections, each magnificently illustrated by a major contemporary artist, this glorious collection of poetry conjures the sights and sounds, tastes and tales of the Caribbean; the experience of living there - and of leaving for other lands. A companion to the acclaimed A Caribbean Dozen, Under the Moon and Over the Sea contains more than fifty poems, many of them previously unpublished, by over thirty poets, including John Agard, Grace Nichols, James Berry, Valerie Bloom and Benjamin Zephaniah. It is a volume truly to be savoured.

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