Grace is a serial entrepreneur who cut her teeth in the tech world, with her first start-up Clippet News. After being named one of the UK’s best young entrepreneurs in 2015, she won a place on a top Silicon Valley accelerator and moved to California, where she became vegan. Disillusioned by the tech world and keen to make her dream of opening a curry house a reality, Grace moved to back to London and started SpiceBox. She opened the first SpiceBox curry house in Walthamstow in Jan 2019. Grace is a Young British Foodie finalist, Red Magazine Women of the Year short-lister and was recently long-listed for the BBC Food Rising Star Award.

Grace’s biggest food influence is her Great Aunt Dolly who is South Indian. Grace grew up eating her food and cooked her first curry aged 12. She has travelled India extensively, returning annually for almost 10 years. Grace believes Indian food is the perfect gateway into vegan cuisine and encouraging people to eat more veg. Grace studied English Literature at UCL and her writing has been published in a number of national publications including The Guardian and The Huffington Post; and is currently working on her first cookbook.