Grace Woodward is a controversial fashion industry figure, known not only for being at the epicentre of celebrity and fashion but also her career disrupting her former career in celebrity and fashion. Fast becoming a go to booking for speaking on feminism, female representation and women’s issues including period poverty, mental health and body image.

In 2013, her mother, Marion, passed away due to a lifelong eating disorder, mental health and addiction issues, and Grace took some time out from the media, opening an ethical and vintage shop - Graceland. In 2016, Grace chose to return to TV by taking a lead presenter and stylist role on Channel 5Star’s ‘100% Hotter’ which is currently touring globally on Netflix.

Grace wrote a startlingly honest open apology letter to women in The Mail On Sunday’s YOU magazine as a step on the road to making amends for the part she played in giving women a false body image to aspire to and has a strong social media presence and a loyal fan-base who are fully invested in her personal journey of unpicking the effects of the fashion industry on women.

Grace’s favourite disruptive achievement has been saying ‘knobs’ on BBC’s Pointless Celebrities and it being aired four times to date

  • I worry that I talk on here about my Mum dying too much, but ironically in real life, I’ve struggled to talk about…

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