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A Place for Us

book | Fiction | 2014
UK & Comm → Headline Publishing (Ed. Mari Evans)
The day Martha Winter set in motion the chain of events that would tear apart her own family began like any other…

Siblings Bill, Florence and Daisy Winter are alarmed when they receive an invitation to their mother’s 80th birthday party. It’s this line that worries them: ‘There will be an important announcement’. What on earth has their mother planned now? Life’s hard enough as it is without anything else to upset the applecart.

Florence will have to make a special trip back home: she ran away to Italy almost twenty years ago, and buried herself in her history of art studies in order to forget her troublesome family. It’s not been so easy for Bill. He’s stayed close to his parents, like the good son he is. As the trusted village doctor, he is loved by all, his wife excepted. She’s playing away…

And what of Daisy? No-one dares speak of her. She ran away from the Winter home years ago, leaving a baby girl, Cat. Cat’s all grown-up now, despite never having had a mother. By bringing them all together for a big announcement, the Winter family will be forced, for the first time ever, to lay the ghosts of the past to rest.

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A Place for Us
A Place for Us
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