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The Growing Season

book | Fiction | Sep 2017
UK → Harvill Secker

For decades, FullLife has offered the science of childbirth to everyone through the pouch. Safer. Better. Pain free. Men and women can share the burden equally. The pouch has revolutionised relationships, parenting, and society.

Frieda invented it all those years ago, and Eva is convinced of its flaws.

Holly Bhattacharrya’s granddaughter is set to give birth to the family’s third generation of pouch babies, but something goes wrong and soon FullLife’s lead researcher James Quentin goes missing. As Eva and Holly dig into the truth behind this family-friendly corporation, they will have to confront terrifying possibilities, old ghosts, and their strongest convictions about how life should begin.

And they will have to find Frieda.

The beautiful second novel from Helen Sedgwick, Where We Stand shines a blazing light on the profundity and empowerment that new life offers and on the ways that it touches us all.


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‘An elegant and ingenious narrative, told with skill and sensitivity'

Meg Howrey

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