Howard Sounes

Non-fiction writer, biographer
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Howard Sounes is the author of a number of well-known non-fiction works. His books include the noted biographies Down the Highway: the Life of Bob Dylan and Charles Bukowski: Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life; Seventies, a history of the arts in the 1970s; and the true crime bestseller Fred & Rose.

His books are published in the UK, US and in 22 foreign languages. Howard appears regularly on radio and television in connection with his subjects. He lives in London.

Sounes's masterstroke is to unearth forensic levels of detail on his subjects... he has pulled off what could have been a tasteless project with sensitivity. And he's best of all on on the subject that clearly fascinates him: the relationship between Amy Winehouse and her father.

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This fine study looks at the tragic history of the 27 Club ... Much of the book's power lies in its refusal to pander to the romantic-melancholy notion of the tortured young artist who lives fast and dies young. Instead the squalor and chaos of their everyday existence is exposed in uncompromising detail ... This book is not about more rock star mythologizing. It's about skewering the mystery of the 27-connection, by exposing its all-too-tragic reality.

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