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Raised by Wolves

Writer Caitlin Moran Starring
  • Alexa Davies
  • Philip Jackson
  • Helen Monks
  • Molly Risker
    Production Company Big Talk Productions
    Broadcaster Channel 4

    Written by Caitlin and Caroline Moran, Raised by Wolves is a modern re-imagining of the Moran's childhood in Wolverhampton.

    Sisters Germaine, Aretha, Yoko, Mariah and baby Cher live with their brother Wyatt and their mother Della on a Wolverhampton council estate.

    Germaine is in love with local lout Lee Rind, and dreams of a Jane Austen-style romance. Aretha, with her love of Jung and Barack Obama, has a more realistic outlook. Constantly at loggerheads yet covering one another's backs, the sisters are trying to live the dream - while all Della wants them to do is mow the lawn.

    The pilot aired on Channel 4 on the 23rd December 2013.

    Raised by Wolves Pilot Episode
    Raised by Wolves

    Well, this was brilliant... riotous good fun Ellen E Jones
    The Independent

    Raised by Wolves<br /> Channel 4<br /> ****<br />
    packed with ideas, atmospheres and strong women... Ian Fitzgibbon’s direction [strikes] a good balance between the freedom and the claustrophobia of the environment Alex Hardy
    The Times
    Full Review

    it’s gleefully profane and full of brittle energy – we’d welcome a series. Phil Harrison
    Time Out

    affectionate, eccentric and very funny sitcom about teenage girls... a full series must surely follow. Jane Simon
    The Mirror

    I enjoyed the precociousness of this pilot and hope for a full series from the Moran sisters Stuart Jeffries
    The Guardian

    There’s plenty here to make a successful series out of. Here’s hoping the powers that be agree. Lisa-Marie Ferla
    The Arts Desk

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