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Spin the Bottle

( Feature )
Producer Michael Garland Starring
  • Michael McElhatton
  • Peter MacDonald
  • Louis Walsh
  • Samantha Mumba
    Distributor Buena Vista Production Company Grand Pictures
    "I'm still Rats from the flats," says the film's tagline and Spin the Bottle opens with our hero being released from Mountjoy Prison. Having evaded the attentions of a psychotic Northern inmate, Rats heads back to the Corpo estate and his ailing mother.

    The heroically dimwitted Tommo has become her surrogate son and Brainer, Spermdotcom's third member, has shacked up with camp death metal band Satan's Cock.

    Rats' aunt is in dire need of a trip to Lourdes and Tommo's regular donations to the fund mean that Rats is sleeping on the couch. Once again our hero needs money and success to prevail.
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