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Call Me Evie

book | Fiction | Jan 2019
ANZ → Hachette Australia (Ed. Robert Watkins)
US → Putnam (Ed. Margo Lipschultz)
UK → Little, Brown & Company (Ed. Lucy Dauman)

In this compulsive, twist-filled debut, perfect for fans of Sharp Objects, a seventeen-year-old girl struggles to remember the role she played on the night her life changed forever...

Don't trust him. It wasn't me. It couldn't have been me.

Meet Evie, a young woman who has fled with her uncle to the isolated New Zealand beach town of Maketu. Jim says he's hiding her to protect her, that she did something terrible back home in Melbourne. Something Evie can't remember.

But Evie isn't her real name. And Jim isn't really her uncle.

In a house that creaks against the wind, Evie pieces together the events that led her here. And as her memories return, she starts to wonder if Jim is really her saviour... or her captor.

A riveting debut novel that fearlessly plumbs the darkest recesses of the mind, Call Me Evie explores the fragility of memory and the potential in all of us to hide the truth even from ourselves.


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Seoul Cultural
Wydawnictwo Literackie

This sublime debut walks a higher path than your average psychological suspense novel. Pomare burrows into gaslighting and control from the word go, his prose brimming with poetry - - both gorgeous and grotesque -- to deliver a first-class literary thriller that ultimately interrogates the nature of memory and trauma. Call Me Evie? Call Me Dazzled.

Nicholas Obregon
Author of Blue Light Yokohama

'A dark twisting jigsaw of a novel. Debuts don't come any more assured than this.'

Simon Beckett

Literary suspense as dark and fresh as midnight in winter, with a merciless twist-of-the-knife finale. One of the most striking debuts I’ve read in years and years.

A J Finn
Bestselling author of The Woman in the Window

I felt pure dread reading this book. Enjoyable, exquisite dread. A great read. There are so many layers and twists to this story and they are revealed in the most frustrating, masterful way.

Sarah Bailey
Author of The Dark Lake

It’s a tight, compulsive, beautifully written thriller with echoes of Gillian Flynn, with characters that keep you guessing and a plot that keeps you turning the page.

Christian White
Author of The Nowhere Child

'With a story line that hooks readers immediately and twists and turns galore, this impressive debut is highly recommended for fans of Gillian Flynn and those who enjoy well-written psychological suspense tales.'

Library Journal
Full Review

The writing is restrained and packed with an elegant menace. This is a clever cautionary tale about memory and manipulation.

Daily Mail

A smart, page-turning thriller that makes for perfect beach-reading.

Phoenix Magazine

This is a striking, meticulous debut – and you’ll never see those jaw-dropping twists coming. Gripping psychological suspense at its very best.

IMAGE Magazine

Excellent characterisation and the ability to conjure the cliquey, insecure adolescent world Kate left behind in Melbourne add up to an immersive and exciting read.

The Guardian

When you come across a book you don’t want to put down, but also don’t want it to end, you know it’s a winner. This is one of THOSE! It’s a beautifully-written pageturner, with a striking surprise.

Peterborough Evening Telegraph

The end result is both rewarding and haunting and leaves a definite emotional mark, making this yet another notable Australian crime debut…Pomare slowly brings all the diverse threads together in ingenious if unsettling manner, uncovering layers of trauma until a truth of sorts and a suitable catharsis emerges. A strong psychological thriller.

Crime Times

Skilfully woven together and constituting a dramatic tale in which there can be no certainty. Recommended.

Promoting Crime

Haunting, vivid and terrifying… Pick this one up when you have plenty of time as you’re unlikely to put it down after a few pages

The Daily Telegraph
BW Magazine

‘More than just  a classic thriller,  with a plot to keep you gripped, JP Pomare has created an utterly involving story of family and friendships, trust and betrayal. With each new twist you are right at the heart
of the action from the clever, intriguing set-up to the unpredictable, terrifying and unforgettable conclusion.’

Janet Ellis
Author of The Butcher's Hook

Seesawing masterfully between past and present, Call Me Evie has a multi-layered and wonderfully complex plot that makes some fascinating points about the fallibility of memory and the ways people process trauma… if you’re after a psychological thriller that’s a cut above the rest, pick up Call Me Evie. You won’t be disappointed.

Better Reading

‘A page-turning debut that is a smart, propulsive thriller with a wonderfully atmospheric setting.’ 

Kate Hamer
Author of The Girl in the Red Coat

An absorbing psychological thriller… This is the kind of novel that inserts itself into your mind and lingers for a long while, in a way that is equal parts satisfying and sinister.

Kill Your Darlings

'[a] terrific book...another one that I read in one go. I loved the way the initial setup was subverted so powerfully and the themes that were explored.'

Harriet Tyce
Author of Blood Orange

The underlying threats, gripping storyline and unreliable narration in this debut novel will have you guessing and second-guessing until the very end… It will keep you wanting more as you try to unravel the truth.

Herald Sun

'Outstanding . . .the final pages stun with their gallows-drop plot surprises. Almost nothing will turn out as it initially appears in this devastating novel of psychological suspense

Publishers Weekly

Call Me Evie will keep you on the edge of your seat as you find yourself needing to know what happens next.

Queenslander Weekender

'Pick this one up when you have plenty of time as you’re unlikely to put it down after a few pages.'

Daily Telegraph, Sydney

A page-turner for sure, but one that lingers.

Written by Sime

As you prepare to while away your summer days, you’ll need a new must-read thriller to tear through feverishly. Enter Call Me Evie, the latest in the vein of Gone Girl-style suspenseful tomes. You’ll be compelled by trying to figure out what the hell happened to land Evie in New Zealand, held hostage by a man whose identity is known only to her, but who’s adamant he’s only protecting her from herself.

Elle Australia

J.P. Pomare has penned a debut novel that is smart, addictive and mystifying.

Mrs B's Book Reviews

‘........Call Me Evie is a one-sitting kind of book, ideal for readers who enjoy fast-paced thrillers that keep them guessing.'

Books + Publishing

If you are a lover of contemporary social issues, the unreliable narrator, and twists, twists and more twists then this book should definitely be on the top of your reading pile.

Reading, Writing and Riesling

'A chilling page-turner with dark twists and turns along the way.'

New Idea

A superbly claustrophobic mind-f**k - I absolutely had to know who 'Evie' was and what had happened!

Angela Meyer
Author of A Superior Spectre

Take your thrills slowly and thoughtfully with Call Me Evie. Your reward will be considerable, we promise.

Aust Crime Fiction

Call Me Evie is razor sharp, claustrophobic and unputdownable. No character is above suspicion in this dry-mouthed, wide-eyed rollercoaster chase to the final page. This is the finest of literary thrillers from a remarkable new talent.

Susi Fox
Bestselling author of Mine

‘Pomare skilfully controls the drip-feed of information to create a nerve-racking love story that continually blindsides the reader. It’s hard to believe this is his first novel.’

The Times

A remarkable debut, this clever, tautly plotted psychological thriller grips from the start and keeps the pressure building to an explosive final twist.

Irish Independent

Readers looking for a page-turner will be happy, but so,
too, will those looking for a work with deeper resonances, in this case about gaslighting and the ruthless world of teenagers... Read this one with the lights on, and keep Pomare on your radar.


An impressive debut... the writing here is evocative and elegant... a powerful thriller.

Sydney Morning Herald

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