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The Fear Within

book | Fiction | Nov 2017
US → Henry Holt & Co Inc (Ed. Michael Signorelli)
UK & Comm → Headline Publishing (Ed. Vicki Mellor)

Patricia Cornwell said J.S. Law's first novel TENACITY is 'addictively readable'. Now he returns with the second in the Lieutenant Danielle Lewis series.

A young Naval Wren disappears from the warship DEFIANCE.

With no trace of the girl on board, Lieutenant Dan Lewis, star investigator in the Royal Navy's Kill Team, must work her way through a complex web of witness accounts to uncover why she might run, or what might motivate a predator to
take her.

But even as Dan hones in on the truth, threads begin to emerge which take her back to the recent conspiracy uncovered aboard the submarine Tenacity, and even further to the serial killer who continues to taunt her from prison.

Is this a simple case of a missing girl or is the hunter about to become the prey?


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