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book | Fiction | Mar 2019
US & Canada → Hanover Square Press (Ed. Peter Joseph)
ANZ → Allen & Unwin Pty (Ed. Jane Palfreyman)

Timothy Blake, ex-consultant for the FBI, now works in body-disposal for a local crime lord. One night he stumbles across a body he wasn't supposed to find. He can't resist taking a bite.

Having marked the body, Blake is forced to hide it. When the FBI calls Blake in to investigate the man's disappearance, Blake is the only one who knows the man is dead and in his freezer.

Then another man goes missing. And another.

There's a serial killer in Houston, Texas, and Blake is the only one who knows it for sure. His investigation takes him to a prestigious university, a sex doll factory, a sprawling landfill on Houston's outskirts and a secret hideaway in the woods.

As they hunt the killer together, FBI agent Reese Thistle starts to warm to Blake—but she also gets closer and closer to discovering his gruesome secret. This is cause for anxiety to the gangster who employs Blake to dispose of her victims. It would be better for her to murder Blake than to risk exposure.

Can Blake uncover the killer, without giving away his own dark secrets?

A confounding, intriguing and unexpected thriller from the author of Hangman.


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'Told with energy and humor........... the characters of
Blake and Thistle are sweetly tough and naïve. A pleasing romp through a fetid swamp, but not for weak stomachs.' 


"Timothy Blake is a brilliant creation, guided by his own wayward moral compass, full of contradictions and black humour. Fast-paced and compelling, suspenseful and comic. Just One Bite  (ANZ title: Hunter) is a terrific read."

Chris Hammer, author of Scrublands

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