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White Plague

US & Canada Berkley (Ed. Leslie Gelbman)
Jan 2015
In White Plague, Marine Doctor and Colonel Joe Rush is sent on a secret mission to the Arctic where a US submarine has lost contact, its crew struck down with an unknown disease, and the boat itself on fire. His mission is to try to save the sub, and crew, if possible. But he's not been told nearly enough. The sub crew has the original 1918 Spanish flu, the original strain, which killed 50 to 80 million people across the world, and which, if it gets out, could cause tens of millions of deaths. Has the disease been planted on board and who is responsible? Why does a Chinese attack submarine show up at the site out of the blue, and is it friendly or foe? And why did the Chinese know to come bearing an antidote for the flu? Why has Washington issued an order for the ship to be sunk in six hours? Will Rush beat the clock and quash the suspected terror attack in time?

White Plague is a fast-paced thriller and will have you on the edge of your seat until its dénouement.

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Ullstein Buchverlage
White Plague

Fast, well-written entertainment wrapped around something to think about... John Sandford, author of the bestselling Prey series
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White Plague delivers relentless action and suspense  Alex Berenson, New York Times bestselling author of Twelve Days

With some books, the question is "How will they get out of this?" In White Plague, it's "What's going to hit them next?" Larry Bond, New York Times bestselling author of shattered Trident
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White Plague will make you shiver with both cold and terror.  Tom Young, author of Sand and Fire
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A stunning thriller - it will have you on edge from its chilling start to its deadly denouement. Linda Fairstein, New York Times bestselling author of Terminal City
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This is a very tightly written first novel  Booklist Starred Review
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