James Graham

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Little Madam

Director Kate Wasserberg Starring
  • Catherine Skinner
  • Simon Yadoo
    Finborough Theatre

    James Graham's play employed a wonderful conceit: taking the audience back to Margaret Thatcher's childhood and her bedroom, where 12 year old Margaret enacts her future triumphs and disasters with the help of her collection of teddy bears and dolls.

    Margaret has been sent upstairs again. And she’s not to come down from her room above the grocer's shop in Grantham until she says sorry. But that’s all right. Because hidden in the toy chest is Teddy. And in the wardrobe is Jonathan. And under the bed is Cecil Parkinson. And so Margaret goes on a fantastical journey, transforming from the young Miss Roberts into the formidable Mrs Thatcher, in order to escape her past, reconcile her present, and prepare for her future. But will she be able to summon up the strength to apologise? And should she have to..?
    Little Madam

    The prolific and talented James Graham, who is still only 25 ... now turns his attention to Margaret Thatcher Paul Taylor
    The Independent

    A remarkable conceit and one that comes off superbly
    The Stage

    Another top drawer performance lifts a strong piece of writing into a must-see event Dominic Cavendish
    The Telegraph

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