James Graham

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Director Stephen Frears Starring
  • Matthew Macfadyen
  • Michael Sheen
  • Helen McCrory
  • Sian Clifford
    Production Company Leftbank Pictures for ITV and AMC
    Broadcaster AMC, ITV

    ‘A brilliant, big-hearted romp through one of the great British scandals of the century’

    Ed Cumming
    The Independent

    ‘James Graham’s three-parter…was cleverly crafted with an upbeat energy and a sense of mischief.’

    Carol Midgley
    The Times

    'this was, as once was Millionaire, a sheer vaulting entertainment for all. TV at its best'

    Euan Ferguson
    The Observer The New Review

    "Quiz was a glittering jewel of a show"

    Camilla Long
    The Sunday Times Culture

    "a joy and a hoot"

    "The awkward Gilbert & Sullivan in Quiz's first episode is one of the best, darkly comic scenes of all time"

    Deborah Ross
    The Mail on Sunday

    "Final plaudit, however, goes to writer James Graham, who cleverly stitched together a fascinating, compelling story"

    "one of the dramas of the year"

    David Stephenson
    Sunday Express

    "It was sensational"

    "It was funny, and it was sharp, and it kept you thinking"

    "Quietly, the characterisation sang"

    "wonderful script"

    Hugo Rifkind
    The Times Saturday Review

    "Quiz triumphantly takes us back to what has always made TV great: being able to join in at home"

    Sarah Ditum
    The Guardian

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