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As Happy As Here

book | Fiction | 2000
ANZ → Hachette Australia

Evie, Lucy and Jemma are three girls sharing a ward in a Melbourne hospital. Each comes from a different background and the three would probably never have met if they hadn't found themselves in this situation. We follow the story over the shoulder of main character thirteen-year-old Evie. Evie is a promising cross-country runner but as a result of the accident that has put her in hospital she has done serious damage to her legs, and it's not clear whether she will recover 100 per cent. 

 Through the course of the novel, the girls witness a crime occur in the park that the hospital overlooks. They bond over attempting to solve this crime and through the resulting events, each girl undergoes profound change, and Evie in particular is surprised by what she discovers about the world, and herself.


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As Happy as Here is an empathetic exploration of family, friendship and how all our actions have consequences. Beautifully written and with real insight into the nature of young people, this is suitable for ages 11+.

Alexa Dretzke
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Fresh insights into friendship and family are spun through tangents into chance and randomness, and the indelibility of music and its power to trigger memory and give a rhythm and pace to life.

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