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Solo Food

book | Non-Fiction | Dec 2017
World English → HarperCollins

Solo Food is the first cookbook that celebrates cooking for yourself.

Many people love to spend hours in the kitchen for their family or friends, but eat a pizza in front of the TV if they’re alone. Janneke Vreugdenhil shows that cooking without the other mouths to feed can be extremely satisfying. You don’t need to take anyone else’s tastes into account; you and you alone know exactly how long you like your steak to be cooked and you can go ahead and enjoy that delicious pasta with prawns and smoked whiskey tomato sauce.

Solo Food is an exciting and personal, inspirational cookbook with 72 recipes that you’ll love putting on the table.


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A lively party for the cook and host in one. Non-singles can learn something from this too – I want to eat everything in this book. NOW!

Yvette van Boven

Crystal clear, attractive, extremely smart, practical, and looks great. Just like Janneke.

Onno Kleyn

Janneke Vreugdenhil is one of Northern Europe's best food writers and home cooks.

Mark Bittman

Simple, practical, and nicely varied, with some good fusion ideas such as congee (Chinese rice porridge eaten at breakfast) made with oatmeal.

de Volkskrant

Without a doubt the smartest book concept of 2016.

Mara Grimm

Beautifully celebrates cooking for one, from Quick Fix recipes to restore you after a long day of work, to Netflix Dinners and Solo Treats. 

The Bookseller

This book of simple, mainly one-pot recipes, and advice on making leftovers is one to treat yourself to when you're looking for inspiration. 

Women’s Institute Life

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