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Return of the Continuums

book | Fiction | Nov 2016
US & Canada → Turner Publishing (US)

Reaching the surface was just the beginning.

As Myra and her friends set out to find the First Continuum, they must navigate a hostile landscape and even more hostile inhabitants of other continuums with their own ideas about the future of the human race. In the pulse-quickening sequel to The 13th Continuum, the young heroes must make an unlikely ally if they are to survive long enough to reach their destination and learn the secret behind humanity's destruction and the hope for its survival.


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The pacing and action are noticeably stepped up in this second outing [...] will please fans of the first


Likeable characters, an intricate world, and imaginative settings combine to make a satisfying young-adult read... Readers who thrive on dystopiana will be turning the pages to see where it will all lead.

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