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My Best Friend's Life

book | Fiction | 2008
UK → Avon Books Inc

Want what she's got? Think again! A high-concept and heartfelt romantic comedy for everyone who's ever fancied swapping lives. A more unlikely pairing you'd struggle to find, but Roxy Galloway and Ginny Wallis have been there for each other ever since they were five years old and Roxy beat up Kevin Smith for putting gum in Ginny's hair. Even though Roxy is now living the high life in London and Ginny is still at home in sleepy Farnham Hills, the bond is as deep as it ever was.

But after her latest romantic disaster, Roxy decides she needs a city de-tox - no more London, no more reception work at high-class brothel The Seismic Lounge (guaranteed to make the earth move) and definitely no more men. Ginny's so far in a rut she needs a pair of Roxy's thigh-high boots to clamber out. Dating Andrew for 12 long years and stamping books at the local library, she's craving a walk on the wild side. So they swap lives. For Ginny, it's a whirl of champagne and parties in the lap of luxury. For Roxy, it's a case of terminal boredom in the local pub.

But the strangest things can happen in the most unlikely of places!


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