Jessica Barden

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Coming Up - Sammy's War

Role Ruby
Producer Toby Welch Director Andrea Harkin
Production Company Touchpaper TV
Broadcaster C4
Part of Channel 4's Coming Up series, Andrea Harkin's short film tells the story of Sammy, who takes drastic action to bring Frances, her war correspondent mother, back from Afghanistan. Frances, however, has no intention of staying. Gran is caught in the cross-fire.

Jessica plays Ruby.

... it provides irresistibly inviting conditions for any scene stealers in the vicinity. The culprit here is young Jessica Barden as Sammy's friend Ruby. She doesn't have many lines, but the ones she does have are delivered with a natural charisma that renders everything else about Sammy's War that little bit more forgettable. I'd watch out for her. Ellen E Jones

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