Jessica Barden

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In The Dark Half

Role Marie
Producer Margaret Matheson Director Alistair Siddons
Production Company Cinema Six
A chilling ghost story about love, grief and redemption, which follows the haunting of a teenage girl.

Jessica plays 15 year old Marie. She lives on the edge of the city with her mum Kathy. Filthy lives next door. He is a single father with a six year old son called Sean, who takes his boy out hunting with him for rabbits on the hill behind their houses.

One night Marie babysits for Filthy. Whilst in her care, Sean mysteriously dies. Nobody knows why and Filthy is devastated. Marie becomes convinced the death has something to do with the hill and becomes aware that she is being haunted by a frightening presence. What is this presence? Is it the spirit of Sean? Or something much more terrifying...
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