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Between the Covers

book | Oct 2020

‘One truth I have learnt, as middle age enmeshes me like Virginia creeper, is that I shall never change—because my capacity for self-improvement is absolutely nil.’

A classic collection of journalism from the legendary Jilly Cooper. Wonderfully warm and astonishingly acerbic, Jilly’s observations from her days as a much-loved newspaper columnist cover everything on sex, socialising and survival - from marriage and friendship; the minutiae of family life and the tedium of going to visit people for the weekend; to the stress of hosting dinner parties and the descent of middle age.

Entertaining and full of heart, join Jilly Between the Covers to explore the very highs and lows of everyday life.


Book of the Day: Between the Covers by Jilly Cooper review - as fresh as ever

Bitchy, saucy, insightful and, most of all, great fun

The Guardian

There are so many lifestyle columnists - some good, most bad - you forget that Cooper did it first, and best; that she told the truth and survived it. 

The Telegraph - 5 Stars

[...] the sort of jolly romp that a Covid-weary nation needs. Line after line, anecdote after anecdotes is laugh-out-loud funny, the prose bounding along like a labrador puppy.

The Times

The columns are very funny, as you'd expect. Although perhaps we shouldn't expect it, because while she makes it look easy, being funny about the mundane takes rare skill. We don't always notice the little absurdities of everyday life, until someone as sharp as she is points them out.

Michael Deacon
The Daily Telegraph

10 best books to read this November

Jilly at her most jolly and joyous best.

Sarra Manning
Red Magazine

Her importance as a writer and personality, indeed, is that she recorded her life's ups and downs with a keen sense of the dramatic, that, when we read her, makes it seem that she is confiding in her best friends [...] She is simply a legend.

Daily Mail

I could not possible by enjoying this Jilly Cooper book any more. Glamorous, generous, hilarious, profoundly comforting and thrillingly open about the fine line between 'bohemian' and 'grimy'.

Daisy Buchanan

50 best books for Christmas 2020

What better gift to give for Christmas than this wonderfully irreverent collection of the great Jilly Cooper's columns from the 60s?

i News

The columns are very funny, but like all good confessional writing also deliver that emotional punch [...] What a legend.

Mary McCarthy
Irish Independent

This latest book is a collection of her most-loved journalism, showcasing her trademark irreverence and caustic humour. Subjects include sex, socialising and survival, the stress of hosting dinner parties and the descent into middle age. But it's always funny, always entertaining. Her writing feels akin to cracking open a bottle of fizz on Christmas Day with your best pals.

Gibraltar Chronicle

Between the Covers, which beautifully evokes its time, is a classic collection of Cooper's perceptive insights on the highs and lows of everyday life.

The Canberra Times

Best-selling novelist Jilly Cooper revisits her days as a celebrated newspaper columnist for this enjoyable collection of typically candid, irreverent, honest and self-deprecating observations on everything from the horror of throwing a dinner party, moving house and the perils of visiting friends for the weekend to sex, naturally, and the challenges of being a second wife.

Choice Magazine

Entertaining and full of heart, this highly enjoyable book explores life's highs and lows with the author's trademark wit, wisdom, warmth and sharp observations.

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