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The Last Banquet

book | Fiction | 2012
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The Last Banquet is an outstanding picaresque novel set in 18th century France, charting the life of Jean-Marie Charles d'Aumout, orphan, military cadet, aristocrat and owner of the finest menagerie in France. Driven by his obsession with food and a desire to discover new outlandish tastes, the tale follows his rise from beetle-eating poverty to marriage into the French nobility and his subsequent fall from grace as the Revolution takes its grip on the country.

A journey through a man's life, told with the freshness of Suskind’s Perfume and the smells, noises and colour of Andrew Miller's Pure, The Last Banquet is funny, adventurous, tragic and rich with the joys of story-telling.

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The Last Banquet
The Last Banquet
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