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The History of Us

book | Fiction | 2016
UK & Comm → Pan Macmillan (Ed. Wayne Brooks)

Liverpool 1985

Kathleen, Adam and Jocelyn are three teenage friends who bond over an unconventional nativity play. They all have ambitions, they all have dreams.

Adam wants to be a writer, Jocelyn wants to sing and Kathleen - well, she wants to be an embalmer.

London 2015

Kathleen is a borderline alcoholic, Adam is holding on to a shocking secret and Jocelyn is dead. Where did it all go wrong? How did having the world at their feet turn into having the weight of it on their shoulders?

Filled with Jonathan Harvey's trademark wit, warmth and outrageous humour, The History of Us is a novel about friendship and secrets, the choices we make and the consequences we face.


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I knew Jonathan Harvey could make me laugh. I didn't expect him to make me cry too.

Jojo Moyes

Light-hearted and funny, but with a twist that will have you hooked.


Full of Harvey's wit, warmth, humour and love of the Scouse accent, this is a story of friendships, secrets and the consequences of the bad choices we make.


A total page turner, very entertaining, then very moving.

Marian Keyes

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