Julia Crouch has been a theatre director, playwright, teacher, graphic/website designer and double-entry book keeper. Believing she was a pictures person, she did an MA in Illustration, which had the unexpected effect of making her realise that, in fact, words are her thing. 

Since then she has been busy writing novels. Her first, Cuckoo, was published in the UK and Commonwealth by Headline in 2011, followed by Every Vow You Break (2012), Tarnished (2013), The Long Fall (2014), and Her Husband's Lover (2017).

Julia coined the term domestic noir to describe her sub genre of crime fiction. The term has so caught on that UEA have commissioned her to write the introduction to a collection of academic essays on the subject. She also has written many features and short stories for magazines, newspapers and websites.

With the theatre still tickling her blood, she greatly enjoys events and panels – both as a participant and moderator. She is also a founding member of Brighton's Dark & Stormy Festival and Beach Hut Writers, patron of Crawley Wordfest, and teaches and mentors on various creative writing courses. But her greatest joy is spending her days scribbling away in her writing shed at the bottom of her garden in Brighton, in the company of her two cats. Also allowed to interrupt this process are her three children, and, occasionally, her husband, the actor and playwright, Tim Crouch.

‘I finished this a couple of days ago and absolutely loved it. The mutual mistrust between Abbie and Rachel and the fake world they have each created kept me guessing as to who was good and who was evil. Julia cleverly manipulates both women to show their light and shade, stoked by the facile world of social media, bringing them to a stunning crescendo where presumptions explode and the astonishing reality is laid bare. An amazing book for the modern world(s).’

Graham Bartlett
on The New Mother

‘LOVED Mother’s Helper. It was absolutely riveting. There's nothing I like better than reading about the sorts of people I instinctively despise and being forced to have sympathy for them, and this book delivers in spades. I couldn't put it down.’

Alex Marwood
on The New Mother

‘Tautly written and wickedly funny take on the perils of our social media obsession. Crouch has created two utterly believable and memorable lead characters and is brilliant at yanking the readers’ sympathies one way and then another. Kept me guessing about the outcome right to the end. Fabulous.’

A K Turner
on The New Mother

‘I raced through Mother's Helper in a weekend - one of the most fascinating psychological thrillers I've read in years. Beautifully written and paced, you won't be able to put this one down.’

Suzy K Quinn
on The New Mother

‘A deliciously disturbing look at the ruthlessness that lurks behind elegant facades. Crouch is one of those writers who inevitably keeps one up too late, and Her Husband's Lover is no exception’

Alex Marwood
on Her Husband's Lover