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Post Mortem

book | Fiction | Sep 2015
Corvus (Atlantic)

An intricate, gritty and authentic crime novel from a serving detective in the Met's murder squad - an explosive debut. 

She closed her eyes and saw, as if on a loop, a repeating backdrop of square windows, blue concrete spinning and passing, passing, passing. She could not escape the horror of it: unstoppably, irretrievably until the hard concrete reaches up.

A long-serving beat cop in the Met and a teenage girl fall to their deaths from a tower block in London's East End. Left alive on the roof are a five year old boy and rookie police officer Lizzie Griffiths. Within hours, Lizzie Griffiths has disappeared, and DPS officer Sarah Collins sets out to uncover the truth around the grisly deaths, in an investigation which takes her into the dark heart of policing in London.

Grounded in the terrifying realities of life on the force in a city where the affluent middle-classes live cheek-by-jowl with the poorest immigrants, this is a complex, intelligent, thrilling crime novel by an author who has walked the beat.


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An absorbing debut... The author vividly re-creates the everyday experience of uniformed police... The result is a complex novel the offers rare insights into how the police operate.

The Sunday Times

Knowledgeable, thoughtful, sensitive and well written... The changing priorities of policing and the evolving prejudices of society in general are ever-present undercurrents in this excellent and thought-provoking novel.

Literary Review

A complex, intelligent, thrilling crime novel by a debut author, from a real serving detective in the Metropolitan Police's murder squad.

Weekend Sport

Intelligent, atmospheric, captivating - this book draws you in and doesn't let you go. A must read.

Rosamund Lupton, author

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