Author and Journalist

Kate is the author of Teach Yourself to Sleep (Little Brown), in which she explores the biology and science of sleep from a different perspective, to reveal how we can improve the quality of our sleep, health and wellbeing. 

After decades of not being able to sleep easily at night, a chance reading of a book by one of her great-great uncles, a pioneer in cognitive therapy and clinical hypnosis, led to the discovery that she was officially a chronic insomniac. This drove Kate to find evidence-based answers for why sleep can be such a problem for so many people in the 21st century, and what can be done to put this right.

Kate is also an experienced journalist and editor. Starting out as a local reporter for the Dimbleby Newspaper Group in west London, she went on to write a wide range of features and reviews for the Observer, Guardian, Telegraph and Independent newspapers, as well as for magazines and online publications.

Now an ex-insomniac, Kate lives in north London with her husband, daughter and twin sons.