Kefi Chadwick

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SexLife & Le Petit Mort

Producer Natural Shocks Director Donnacadh O'Briain
Pleasance Courtyard / Assembly Gardens

Chadwick's look at post-baby exhaustion, a world of bruised perineums and egos, deals honestly and touchingly with a subject that's absurdly underaired. Lyn Gardner
The Guardian

Kefi Chadwick's Sex Life is the most dramatic and visually arresting. Thom Dibdin
The Stage

Peep is an x-rated must see of the Festival. Daisy Williams
Ed Fest Magazine

when ‘Sex Life’ was over I was in awe at the emotional journey that had been achieved in my short stay at Peep. Jodie Fleming-Stanley
SG Fringe

Chadwick finds depth with an impressive quickness of pen and there's a micro exploration of jealousy that's a genius bit of writing - not a word wasted and yet a powerful issue raised and offered within a few lines. Paul Levy
Peep Play

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