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A Death in Sweden

book | Fiction | Jan 2016
US → Thomas & Mercer
Italy → Amazon Publishing
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Germany → Amazon Publishing
Jacques Fillon is killed in a bus crash in northern Sweden. His last act is one of selfless heroism, to reach out and save the life of the passenger sitting nearest him. For over ten years, Jacques lived in this quiet rural community, keeping to himself, and only death reveals his secret: Jacques Fillon never existed.

Dan Hendricks is a man with a murky past and a shaky future. He's a freelancer, employed to track down fugitives for foreign powers, but a lot of his colleagues have died in the last few months, and it's becoming clear that he could be next. So he jumps at the chance of one more job with his former employer, to find out who Jacques Fillon was and why he disappeared, and perhaps in the process to lift the contract from his own head.

Claire Nozieres manages the translation rights for A Death in Sweden


This superior espionage thriller has all the moral ambiguity and heart-quickening action scenes you could ask for,

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