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The Hunter's Prayer

Film adaptation entitled Hunter's Prayer for 2015 release
book | Fiction | Sep 2015
US → Thomas & Mercer (Ed. Emilie Marneur)
Previously titled For The Dogs

Ella is young, bereaved, and in danger.
Lucas is ruthless, brutal, and cold.
Think again.

Ella is bitter, determined, and dangerous.
Lucas is vulnerable and lovelorn.

Ella Hatto is on vacation in Italy with her boyfriend.
It's a beautiful summer evening in a small Tuscan town, and her life is all about the things she doesn't know.
She doesn't know her family is dead.
She doesn't know she's being watched, or that she's in danger.
She doesn't know how rich she is or the murky truth of where that money came from.
She doesn't know that a man is about to cross the street, ending her old life forever.

When Lucas, a retired contract killer, agrees to help her avenge her family's death, Ella is drawn into a world she cannot control, a world from which Lucas wants only to escape.

The Hunter's Prayer is a stunning thriller in which avenging the past becomes a deadly business that never ends.

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